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New Hire CHW Training

Community Health Worker Introductory Training

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are an important health improvement strategy of the Maternal and Infant Health Initiative. 

Community Health Workers come from the communities to be served and are specially trained in communication skills, community organization, interviewing and providing basic health information. They work closely with other community service and governmental agencies such as housing, transportation, financial assistance, health, nutrition, mental health, social services, legal aid and others to connect individuals to needed services.

Training Structure

In conjunction with the New York State Department of Health, the Maternal and Infant Health Center of Excellence has combined e-Learning (online) techniques with traditional (classroom) style teaching to form this hybrid training for newly hired Community Health Workers. There are many benefits of blended training. The online sessions allow participants to choose their work environment, eliminating the need for travel and time away from work and home. Each participant can complete the modules at their own pace. The in-person component allows participants to meet each other and the instructors in a face-face environment, and provides the opportunity to practice skill-building through group activities.

The goal of this training is to provide the fundamental knowledge and skill development for staff new to the role of a CHW in Maternal and Child Health. CHW supervisors are encouraged to mentor newly hired CHWs as they complete the modules to respond to questions, and provide additional training on agency specific policies. Following are the 3 components to this course:

  • 6 e-Learning modules;
  • 1 Webinar, "Relationship between Poverty and Health Outcomes";
  • 3-day in-person training.

It is strongly recommended to complete the 6 e-Learning modules and webinar before attending the in-person trainings. The trainers will refer to information covered in these modules and webinar throughout the 3 days. Participants will receive a letter of completion once they have achieved all parts of this introductory course.

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If you have a newly-hired CHW who is in need of the CHW Introductory Training, please Contact Us to register your staff.