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Upcoming Events

CHW Introductory Training - 3 Day In-Person Training
New York, NY

Training Details:

Wednesday, June 21st: CHW Fundamental Skills
Discuss key principles and practice fundamental skills for engaging and working with participants.

Thursday, June 22nd: Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence/ Clear Expectations and Boundaries
Increase CHW understanding of domestic violence, its impact on survivors and their families, ways to identify DV and offer assistance. Discuss challenges facing community health workers in maintaining professional boundaries /expectations and strategies to respond to challenging situations.

Friday, June 23rd: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
How to recognize signs of mental health and addiction disorders, understand barriers to receiving culturally appropriate treatment and helpful responses for engaging women in treatment.

Target Audience: You must be registered as part of the Newly-Hired CHW Introductory Training program to attend this training session.

Register: A registration link will be emailed to registered attendees of the CHW Training program.