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MIHCOE Annual Meeting - May 9, 2017

Keynote Address

Reproductive Justice: An Intersectional and Human Rights-based Framework for Enhancing Infant and Maternal Health

Dr. Lynn Roberts

This session will discuss the dynamic history of the Reproductive Justice (RJ) framework and its potential integration in community and public health interventions to reduce disparities in infant and maternal health outcomes. The concept of Reproductive Justice first emerged at a Black women’s caucus in 1994.  This framework which espouses the right to have children, not have children, and to parent the children we have in safe and healthy environments — is based on the human right to make personal decisions about one’s life, and the obligation of government and society to ensure that the conditions are suitable for implementing one’s decisions.

Plenary 1

Applying RJ to Your Health Equity Work

Dr. Lynn Roberts

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a series of brief interactive exercises in order to apply the key concepts of the RJ framework and network with each other.


  • Obtain the required knowledge to support the bodily autonomy of members of diverse, and often marginalized, communities in making informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. 
  • Discuss ways to apply the Reproductive Justice framework in infant and maternal health clinical and supportive services.

Explore opportunities for sharing practices and coordinating effort across regions and sectors.

Session Resources:

Applying RJ to Your Work Slides

Plenary 2

Supervision: The Cultivation of Leadership

Lisa White, LCSW-R

Supervisors and staff are charged with a multitude of tasks that includes completion of documentation, evaluation tools and supporting high risk families. This one hour session will explore how leadership and management styles can help support staff’s development of systems to manage their numerous tasks. We will also discuss how supervision can be used to enhance systems that can help staff stay on track and support them with their complicated work within and outside the office.


  • Introduce leadership and manager styles that can influence supervision
  • Introduce how reflective supervision can support time management, team cohesion and services to families
  • Introduce how to infuse reflective supervision into clinical and administrative supervision